What Are The Best Sports To Place Your Money On?

Have you checked out the markets at sports wagering sites lately? You can literally bet on hundreds of niches! But not all of these sports are equal with some offering great value and others giving you no chance of winning. Check out the top sports to bet on below!

Is Football Worth Investing In?

Football is the world’s most popular sport to gamble on and for good reason! You may place a wide variety of different wagers such as match result, over/under on the number of goals, over/under on the number of corners, winning margin, first to score, and many others. You also can gamble on leagues from around the world including the very best leagues in Europe but also top competitions in Asia, South American, and Australia. With so many different tournaments and games taking place, you can always find high-value wagers which give you a great shot at winning some cash. If you want to increase your chance of winning we recommend you gamble on some of the less known leagues as these competitions tend to have less accurate odds.

Should You Try American Football?

American football is another sport that has some of the biggest markets in the world! The most popular form of American football betting is known as spread gambling which is a form of handicap wagering. The money line is also a popular way to bet on American football games. You can also make a number of exotic wagers such as gambling on an onside kick or a field goal to be blocked. Serious players tend to stick to the spread market but there are plenty of opportunities to make cash in other markets such as the futures market where bettors picking their favorite to win the Super Bowl early in the season have won 6 figures and 7 figures! If you are looking for a sport with incredible odds and a wide variety of bet types then try American football.

Can You Wager On MMA?

MMA is a pretty young sport but it has quite extensive markets. During MMA events you make all kinds of wagers including picking a fighter to win, predicting how the fight will (decision, submission, DQ, or KO), predicting the length of the fight, and or even predicting how many punches will be thrown. The great thing about placing your money on MMA is that there is no season so there are events happening all year long. The UFC puts on the biggest MMA events but we recommend you look to the smaller organizations if you want to find value as often the sportsbooks don’t know the fighters and have a hard time setting the odds. During these small events, you can often find fighters that should be favorites as underdogs.

Does Basketball Have Good Odds?

Basketball games typically have great odds and you are able to find a range of different leagues to gamble on. The NBA has the most extensive betting markets and also features the most amount of games. While NBA odds tend to be pretty competitive you could still find some value especially if you venture into the more exotic markets. Some of our favorite basketball bets include a handicap match result wager, over/under on the total number of points scored, over/under on the number of 3 pointers, and which team will be leading after the end of the half.

Try Wagering On One Of These Niches!

Now you know which sports offer the most value, look out for the next big game or fight and place a wager. Remember to start off small and claim a welcome bonus!